Low and zero-emission fleets

Fleet managers cannot ignore the push towards lower and zero-emission fleets going forward.

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    The electric future has many challenges for fleet managers, but also incredible opportunities. We’ll all be driving electric vehicles soon. There are over 200,000 hybrid or electric vehicles in the UK, by 2024, there’ll be over a million. Meanwhile, the government’s Road To Zero strategy lays out a plan for an ultra-low emissions society. But while electric vehicles offer drastically lower benefit-in-kind (BIK) tax rates, and sustainability should be everyone’s priority, there’s no doubt the aggressive timeframe is putting pressure on business.

    Many fleet managers are put off by the time and complexities involved in properly assessing the cost and impact of switching. The good news is, there’s never been more choice or opportunity in electric vehicles.
    However, there’s no time to waste. Last year’s Automated and Electric Vehicles Act allows the creation of further laws and regulation if the government does not feel the market is moving quickly enough. The rollout of Clean Air Zones (CAZ) such as the one piloted in London is gaining pace with the majority of local councils across the UK beginning to put in place the equipment and resource needed to start daily penalties.

    Plans have also been announced to begin consulting on the possibility of equipping qualifying cars and vans with a new so-called “green number plate” to promote the environmentally-friendly credentials of a vehicle. Similar schemes have been running in Norway, Canada and China and provide opportunity to explore added local incentives such as free parking or low emission vehicle lanes. All this only highlights the appetite for change from the lawmakers in the UK and emphasises that fleet managers cannot ignore the push towards lower emissions indefinitely.

    The government is further encouraging take-up with grants of up to £2,500 for cars and £5,000 for vans; plus up to £500 incentives for home charging installation. There’s also been a huge growth in charging points nationwide, from 25,000 currently to over 100,000 by 2024.

    For most fleet managers, their EV journey starts at the dealership. Standards of knowledge and support are rising all the time, but to be fully prepared, it helps to seek out a specialist – such as Athlon, who provide a Fleet Fit service. Starting with a free Fleet Fit health check, our coaches help you assess and plan the benefits of EV – comparing whole life operating costs to the needs of your business. Then, we deliver a bespoke solution with ongoing support.

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