Driven by mobility

Athlon started as a local repair shop more than 100 years ago when the automobile was an innovative concept in the field of mobility. We saw a future in it. And we felt determined to make the most of it. Today, our work is charged with a century of expertise and enthusiasm.

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    Expertise and enthusiasm

    Now a part of Daimler Mobility AG, our fleet has grown to more than 400k vehicles. You’ll find us throughout Europe, pushing boundaries and preparing for the future. We simplify the lives of our customers by connecting fleet and mobility solutions.


    Spirit of a pioneer

    Athlon was founded in 1916, starting out as a local car repair shop, operating under the name: RIVA: Reparatie-Inrichting voor Automobielen (Repair Company for Automobiles). What started with a fascination for automobiles has grown into an international, customer-centric mobility specialist.

    • Different lease cars on parkinglot 2019

      Different lease cars on parkinglot 400k vehicles

    • Business men in leasecar at night 2018

      Business men in leasecar at night The Netherlands - Best Leasing Company for fleet managers

    • Business men on leasebike 2018

      Business men on leasebike Germany - 3rd place Genius Award for MyBenfitKit

    • Smiling woman with phone 2017

      Smiling woman with phone NPS-Score 31

    • Different lease cars on parkinglot 2016

      Different lease cars on parkinglot Part of Daimler Mobility AG

    • People in leasevan 2015

      People in leasevan Belgium - Clean Rental Company of the year

    • Couple on car with seaview 2014

      Couple on car with seaview Belgium - International Fleet Innovation Award for Athlon Flex

    • 1970

      Start of the international proposition, including the Athlon Partner network

    • 1950

      The Netherlands - Start of leasing activities

    • 1916

      Company established under the name RIVA